Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat, Colorful Memory Foam Comfort Mat in Aztek Charcoal with Purple Undertones

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This very comfortable memory foam mat is absolutely perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or even your office. It's soft and durable material is designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on hard surfaces. It is very easy to clean with little maintenance needed.

  • THICK, SUPPORTIVE, ANTI-FATIGUE memory foam core which can provide excellent support and prevent feet, legs and back pain. You can stand on it without discomfort for much longer than the hard floor.
  • STAIN/WATER RESISTANCE - Stain-resistant and water-resistant surface for extreme durability an EASY TO CLEAN - just apply damp cloth and a mild soap.
  • Great added value of long lasting textalene surface offers extra texture and great wear and tear over just regular foam top – will last longer. this rug has beveled edges to help keep you safe making it the perfect kitchen mat for your kitchen, laundry room, sink area, bathroom mat and anywhere you stand!
  • Made of 100% authentic memory foam - press down easily and mat slowly returns to it original shape.
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