About Rio


Mysterious, eccentric and futuristic young man, Rio is all that one wouldn’t expect of an artist. Passionate about painting from an early age, he left school to lock himself up in its workshops to do what he does best: painting masterpieces. Young prodigy and self-taught, he learned many techniques used by famous painters such as Picasso, Dali, Monet, Van Gogh, to name a few.

After having mastered his techniques, he devoted himself to develop his own technique and themes. Rio immediately opts for women’s faces, he hides their eyes and focuses on the hair by painting them with heavy lines. The effect is simply amazing and a wave of popularity grows his work.

Not one to ever rest, Rio took the opportunity to develop a new theme; végétal. Fascinated by nature since his childhood spent in the countryside, Rio was not on his first paintings of trees and flowers, but it was a first when he tried to incorporate modernity to this so pure nature. The result was amazing, colors, textures and shapes blending perfectly together to create a spectacle for the eyes.

After this swift success, Rio decided to aim even higher and went on to promote his talents abroad. The first destinations were carefully selected: New York, Toronto, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow. With his team at his side, supporting him, he made a splash by selling the almost totality of the pieces he had brought for his trips. It was in Costa Rica that he finished this journey and where he was magically inspired. After a diving excursion, he began painting what he had observed in the sea: fishes. But think again if you believe he painted these fish in a simplistic way, it’s Rio after all! Mixing modernity, mystery and the “Rio’s touch” to a simple fish, a masterpiece was born and so he began to paint his series of fish paintings.