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At iCustomRug we offer a wide selection of contemporary, modern and traditional area rugs that will fit any space in your home, and when we say any space we mean it!

iCustomRug was designed to provide our customers the flexibility of choosing the exact size rug needed to fit the desired space. A rug should reflect your individuality and style; it can be very difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for especially when your room demands an unusual size rug. Rugs are a centerpiece to your room and should easily integrate with your home décor, by creating a custom size rug you will get exactly what you want and it will fit perfectly in your home.

We aim to offer our American and Canadian customers a large variety of high quality rugs at an affordable price, and our rugs are carefully selected to ensure we’re providing the most current trends in home fashion.

4525 hwy 411 north 
Chatsworth GA