icustomrug synthetic sisal vs natural sisal


If you’re asking yourself which rug best suits your needs, this blog is for you!!!
Let me first start off by saying that depending on your needs, either one can be a great addition to your unique space. The neutral look of Sisal blends well with a wide range of furniture and decor styles.
Both rugs are incredibly durable, and are great for high traffic areas in your home and like most of our rugs, they can be custom sized! Because we fully understand that no two people have same size needs. 

Our synthetic sisal rug, Zara, is soft to the touch and wipes off clean. It resembles a beautiful natural sisal rug, with a little more flexibility. It is fully stain resistant which makes it great for under your dining room table, regardless if you have little ones who tend to make a mess at meal times. 
This rug is also mildew resistant as it’s made of 100% Polypropylene. 

Bristol, our natural sisal rug is classic in all its beauty. This 100% natural Sisal fiber is very long wearing. 
Natural Sisal is more costly then synthetic fiber, is biodegradable and is a renewable resource. 
The fiber is machine woven into a boucle weave pattern that is highly durable, sound absorbing and anti-static. Bristol comes with a wide range of colour options for its cotton accent border. Sisal is very absorbent which makes it likely to stain and retain water spots.
Let us help you customize your space today! 
iCustomRug Team

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