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All of us here at iCustomRug share one major thing: passion!
Who says manufacturing rugs is boring? 

Here, we all agree, that it is anything but boring.
We love our jobs, we work with an amazing team and try to keep things fresh for you. We have a lot of fun here as well, if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you know we love taking life style images. We try to provide you with a good example of what the product will look like in a living space.

We also have a deep love for furry paws! We are constantly challenging ourselves within our photoshoots. Taking pictures of our little friends, is challenging but the end result is always worth it.
We’re a dynamic team that love pushing the limits.

We are incredibly blessed that our customers too, like to share images of their finish projects! We love seeing them. Please don’t be shy to share if you’d like to show us what you have done. We’ve had customers make magic from our Artificial Turf rug. Everything from transforming a mini bus into a green living space to claw machines!
There is no age limit to imagination. 
Let it roam freely, and you will find your passion. 

iCustomRug Team

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